Monday, 11 March 2013

Shout out goes to...

Jane to the Bee :))

Happy birthday dear jane ..

12/03/2013 (early post okey :)) )

i'am very sorry for all the mistakes that i had done to you..

we are friends since we are form 4..

eventhough we are not so close during that time but now we are Hommie.. unbeliaveable kan :)

be happy, be a strong girl and i wish you many-many Luck for ur praktical this coming June ..


Kjz :))

random post

so many things to write and share :) really ..okey now i'am at my room waiting the clock to strike at 12midnight to suprise my beloved hommie a.k.a my friends since form 4 :))) her birthday tomorrow

suddenly missed my highschool moment when all my friends "tuang air from the mineral water when i'am sitting enjoying the outside view in the bus" and terpaksa asked my father friend to send me sampai depan rumah sebab basah sudah satu badan.. :)) haisss i wonder if they're still remember .. but i am very thankful because there are wonderful :)

the not so friends or just friends, they are the one who always there when i need help.. always happened to me .. I miss spending time with my BFF zaza :(

every space are diffrent stories :)

well hey remember that i always wrote that i can't wait for practical, and guess what after the school holiday i'll start my practical on the month of June.. there's no confirm date yet.. but still i'am happy and nervous..

huhuhu btw wish me Luck :))