Saturday, 14 May 2011


for you what the define PERFECT in your own self?

for me PERFECT is sempurna..hahah

semua ada teda yang kureng tapi kan setiap orang ada kekurangan kenapa ada PERFECT ??

hurmmm...sila lah fikirkan sendiri and ignore me if this post is kinda stupid =)

roger and out

i love you =)

presenting my bff

i love u xaxa

Friday, 6 May 2011


didn't win my first ever contest what a shame =(

roger and out

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


IT'S holiday..yeah sound great and fun kan..btw as usuall i'am 24hours looking  at this laptop and playing games on facebook improve my game and chase the people level at the top and figureing(damm can't spell it ryte) what the ryte time i want to meet my bff ..

that's life when they far away from you that's time lah miss lah wanna meet lah and etc but when they near and easily to meet not excited pula nak meet..ish ish ish that's me i'am talking just now..hahah. i'am feeling my weight will gain..

hey guess what i've been watching the maharajalawak episode 3 and yeah watching usop jozan and alex performance again and again and again..they great isn't ..heheh

hey ya about my exam i allready do my best ermmmm not my very best lah but only one i hope that it's my pointer will maintain or get higher..huhuhu..kinda worried about it.

what else..yeah fyi my brain is so sot3x.. now i only remembering my email and pasword facebook and my blog other email i'am forgetting it totally careless of me..damm**** ..i'am missing my life eventhough this is my first day of holiday and sadly i can't join my fren for their trip at july because my holiday is ended..

roger and out