Monday, 30 April 2012

i'll be leaving soon
miss me or not depend's on you
but surely i'll miss u guys ;)
i'am not run from the reality
but i'am just going somewhere where i belong......

life is just a life..
enough is enough .....

Friday, 20 April 2012

sharing is me ;)

cinta itu datang dan pergi.
ada juga yang datang dan bersama selamanya
dan ada juga yang tak datang-datang..

hahahaha tapi itu semua takdir Tuhan.
tapi jangan cuma berharap pada dia
Usaha anda juga diperlukan.. ;)

sepuluh itu semestinya..

1. one love for the uke ;) nice song ..
2.presentation for tommorow have not prepared yet (dasar pemalas)
3.going to one borneo today with ma two crazy roomie ;)
4.stalker some blog .
5.will learn to play "terukir di bintang" by yuna. some goodies
7.lesson plan must to list being borrowed by my friend ;( diet diet diet
10. no women no cry ;)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

dari mulut ke jari

bodoh itu aku

pandai itu kamu

hodoh itu aku 

cantik itu kamu



blog upgrade!! huh sangat susah untuk difahami  ;(

he's cute ... omo omo should i approch him.. (perigi mencari timba) haha

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

wake up in BEVERLY HILLS

dengan ini saya mengumumkan

TIDUR: 4am
wake up: 6+am
class: 10am
8 hours at college and i'm sleepy ...

nescafe my addict help me to not fallen sleep in love  class

BH sangat panas ;(

Monday, 16 April 2012


excited to update my precious blog even thought i don't had any idea what to write/wrote on you.

Dear bellthering,
early in the morning open my laptop and then check my email but nothing special. i'm just hate to waiting for it.
look sometimes i may seen desperate but it will not for to long. Maybe i should change my attitude since i will plus 1 in my age this may. i may not look as my age means i act below my age. Everyone think i'am a rich or branded person because my mom is a headmaster but the truth we just live as simple as we can. sometimes my ego is higher than me. Looking at the person with an arrogant attitude, ya that's me. i'am a person who 'judge book by it cover". but hate it when other's doing it to me. My assignment is not finish yet i mean not started yet. Final exam is just around the corner and haven't started any revision yet. .story for a month.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


funny advice read first(excited kali)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

bilang saja ......

belum tiba masanya untuk memperkatakan perkara itu...

mungkin satu hari nanti kau akan tahu juga...

berahsia itu mungkin aku ...


wondering around again

manusia berfikir menggunakan otak, berkata menggunakan mulut

jikalau mulut berfikir otak berkata?


cicak-cicak di dinding
diam-diam merayap
datang seekor nyamuk
lalu di tangkap


about me

motif:  ;)

Friday, 13 April 2012

you know when it's my turn to give an advice or a talk it will goes smoothly but when it involve my own self the confident is lost somewhere over the tree in front of me..guess i'am silly ryte.. cakap orang "pandai nasihat orang tapi diri sendiri" hampeh..hahha well it doesn't matter lah, as long the matter is not harming u and me. I'am totally crazy about this one blogger..hahha still same story MIA (missing in action) pendek cerita bila dijenguk rindu suka ..bila di baca cemburu hahha..eyalah kan memang lah bha kalo dia itu sudah dimiliki.

still biarlah saya jadi secret admire dya ;) lebih baik begitu
daripada direject's a shame..hahah well glad he allready feeling better..
sometimes love came and sometimes it will gone .
like i say it will be a long journey for me to meet a good person in my life..
why? so many crush? hahah mungkin beginilah nie hidup kan.
looking forward when someone approach me hahah ..!!!


in love :)

i don't have a guts to write this post in my primary blog because my big bro and totally my friends will read it. suddenly the feeling came again. After awhile i didn't say hye to him suddenly she called my namE. really i'am not dreaming but it's not a big deal as usual he is my crush not a scandal hahah..

he got all the criteria that i like ..omo omo omo hahah..
never mind he will not fall in love with me..the truth is this feeling will not stay longer it will varnish after there's some hot guy walking in front of me ;)

GN ;)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


i love you

i love you

i love you

i miss you

i miss you

i wanna marry you

when will i found the mr nice guy to receive this words from me!! hahah
to many crush make me crazy! matciam mana kalo semua yang sy suka semua ada gulfren....

peniru/copy cat

yaiiiiii!!! i'am updating my blog again, why? it's holiday and i don't need to attend class (happy). Okey the truth is i don't had any idea to write in this blog for now but!!! hahahah(evil laugh) stalker other's people blog ouhhh demmmmm ..their writing is so awesome (i mean not that awesome but still awesome) simple but bermakna.

the second truth is i want to write my post in MALAY! but i'm taking English major and i nedd to improve my english. omaigad so jealous with u guys. Ur words is meaningful (i mean bukan yang menusuk hati but i understand what ur wrote) so clever to play with the words!

actually in this blog there's one post that i wrote in full "Bahasa Melayu" sebenarnya kamu pemberi ilham saya. me (i'm just copying ur style) okey bye ;)

p/s: i'am sleepy..gtg
i'm back my dear blogger.

doi dogo niat mau c kemas bilik tapi apa kan daya broadband telah dibayar terpaksa melepak dengan broadband seketika sambil mendegar lagu 'God's know' best!! hahahah katil pun semak segala barang dikeluarkan ..lapar!! malu mau p msk maggie hahah...apakah? malar maggie seja di makan.

malas mau update blog dulu nanti lah sia sambung arr..

Monday, 9 April 2012


Reading the news about my two collegemate who involve in the car accident last Saturday and gone forever make me felt so sad. Eventhought I don't really know both of them but for sure they are the best and nice friends. May their soul rest in peace.