Friday, 31 July 2015

Short and simple update

1.Im tired and sleepy right now.

2.I'm not so into fb and twitter now . so i guess i stuck with u mr blogger

3.I trust my heart to talk about something with my bestfriend and im very appreciate the advice she gave to me.

4.August august and im still here. 

5. Follow and unfollow him at twitter. Did he notice me? Hahah . He will leaving soon and i hope one day i can meet him. Admiring him thats all.

i wish i can draw

i wish i can doodle

cute things make me excited :)

unexpected News

I got an interview this coming Monday and im superb excited nervous+panic .

Please please i hope i can go to this interview and get this job.



Im totally gonna save all my emails and my passwords.  it took me 3 hours to figure what my email name and tadaa headache. 

Sangat sibuk dengan hidup sendiri thats why lama tidak mengupdate.

Hidup saya serabut macam ranting-ranting kayu yang dikumpul or macam benang2x yg berlilit sesama mereka. Thats my life.

Someone please save me 😢😢 
Ijk . Don't worry i can save my own life
fighting kjz 😆