Friday, 21 December 2012

excited :)

2013 it is my final year. 
can't wait :) 
 wish me luck and pray for me so i can do better in 

my FINAL YEAR .. ^___^


i'am rarely updating my status at facebook and twitter because it's like there's nothing that i can share with everyone hurmm i mean nothing special.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

It's been a long time

Hello there.. How are you? I hope all of you are in a good condition. Sorry for not updating my blog recently.. I just lazy to write in this blog. Did I mention that i'am taking language as my major? Yes I did.. That is my ambition from kindergarten. Maybe when i'am still a kid I surround by the people that call as a teacher.. So yes that surely one of the reason that I like being a teacher. I love english hurmmmm yeah that's the truth but sometimes English is just bored why? Because to much things to learn such as grammar,vocabulary and so on.. But i'am just like English.. I dunno no why maybe i just wanna show off with others but the truth is my English is not so good and I'm certainly in a bad situation and in a dilemma with things that I also don't know what.. It bothering me ..

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh mind is totally blank,empty ... I don't know what to think.. How come everyone are excited going back to college but me ... Tiada perasaan orang bilang. Okey excited sebab isnin cuti and that's mean boleh balik that day heheh.. I worried about my schedule this semester sebab macam Nda Dapat balik rumah seja.. Oh God help me ...

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

SYD3 part2

it's good to be at home :) i wish my schedule for next semester will let me going back to my hometown like previous semester. As usuall  after SYD3 my day become more grateful..because of SYD3 I always woke up early around 4/5/6 and then tadaaa continue my download..i try to pray every night with my niece but failed to do so when it's come to morning. when i'm still at primary and secondary school i always go to church every sunday with my family but then college life totally make me lazy to go to church plus most of my friends is Muslim and when i'll stay there weekend nobody really accompany me to go to church so each day it's like nevermind i'll go next week and it will continue and continue......

but when i join this SYD3 i learn and my information about my own religion 'bertambah' it's like all my long lost thinking is coming back to me..Thank's God for all the blessed.. i even experience one tragedy one day before last day of SYD3 where i cried and pray to God that everything will settle and try to open their heart..after a long minute the tragedy is over.. Truly that's was my first time experienced it.

the feeling BEFORE i join SYD3

first intention : to search some Boyfriend (some hahha) banyak kali tue arr
2nd: cari banyak kawan
3nd: mengenal Yesus dengan lebih dalam

time SYD3
- first and second nda jadi sebab yang ketiga lebih kuat
-niat first and second pun tiada..
-sikit sha kwn baru maybe kurang aktiviti mengeratkat kan silaturahim kali kan..

after SYD3


Amen ^_______________________________________^ panjangkan senyuman saya :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

SYD3 part1

she who made me joining this camp Last minute..thank's to you .. i really appreciate it :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

great painting/drawing

last friday me and my two ex housemate going to SURIA (one of the shopping mall at KK) so after wandering around, buying stuff,chitchating so we go out from the shopping mall and then taking picture at this place painting wall or tempat orang lukis2x.. hehe it's only infront of the SURIA. Let's the picture take place..

see told ya it's awesome  hurmm  i wish i can draw like this..but give change to others..nanti kalo saya superb melukis mesti diorang tak dapat nak kalahkan hahahah (perasaan lebih)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

War start tomorrow

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! (i was screaming ) my exam will start tomorrow and i haven't finish doing my revision and because of this one korean drama i didn't study..urgghhh silly me.. what to do..okey continue study ..sayonara :) wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

life certainly

Hye everyone how's life . Sorry for not updating this blog. Felling guilty to the follower. Hurmmm too much things that i want to tell you guys. Okey the first things is iallredy move in to my new house i mean my rent house. Living with 5 others people seems very hard for me eventhought i knew them. Very akward. I always living in my own life didn't communicete with them and always spending my time in my room. Btw i got my own room no one share with me that's why i always in my room. Another breaking heart story is one of my housemate is celebrating her bufday that last midnight and others gave her suprise with no me. Omy very akward and disspointing. Eating cake also they didn't called me. What on the earth the mistake that i done to them . But it's okey it is mybad.

Friday, 22 June 2012


yeahhhhh!!!! BANGGA dengan result last semester!!

told yaaaa....hahahhaha

Semangat register new sem this monday...lalala (okey siulan sumbang berkumandang di dalam rumah)

yaiii!! happy to the blast...can i just scream...

satisfied totally with my major 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

sekian lama

hye  people, blogger ,reader ,admirer, crush bagaimana hari anda?

sure u guys miss me ryte..hahaha okey my story goes like this


going back on this monday :(

saat bangun lambat dan otak tidak memikirkan assignment akan hilang sekejap lagi dari diri gadis ini
(gadis masih muda ) hahaha..

hoping will finish next year..ouh bachelor anda harus habis next year!!

untuk pengetahuan anda kami sekeluarga telah mendapat dua cahaya mata satu bewarna kuning dan satu berwarna miX...menambahkan jumlah kucing kami sebanyak 24 ekor semuanya..hahah..BANGGA..

from me MJ xoxo

Saturday, 16 June 2012

the story goes like this....

i'am in love with the korean drama series LOVE RAIN..

filipino drama series currently airing on tv3 MARA CLARA.. caught my attention because of the story line but as i search the information About this drama it takes until 184 episode and i like OMG...

seriously this is the awesome holiday that i had..hahaha and then tommorow the prime minister will come to my hometown and i was like YAHOOOOOO...but the reality is will be the most awesome traffic jam tommorow early in the morning...and guess what i don't care because i'am still sleeping at that time..hahaha......

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Sudah dua hari berlalu Dan ia seperti sesuatu yang menyeronokan untuk tidak mengetahui apa yang berlaku pada mereka

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

lari dari dunia mereka

yupss memang betul twitter dan facebook sudah deactivate..

mungkin itu lebih baik

pasti mereka tidak endahkan tentang itu..

my happy moment was this, when i'am away from my friends and haters away..

sicerely me...

BP ;)


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Matahari ;)

see the light? it is the sunlight that always made me wakeup early ;)
panas kan terus tebangun lah ...

taken a few minute before
good morning wish me luck for my paper ;)

Monday, 14 May 2012

langit itu biru..

aku tidak layak berada di kalangan kamu!

 i don't deserve it..

walaupun telah aku coba tetap tidak berhasil!

look i'm sorry if i dissapointed ur guys....

mungkin lebih elok menjadi diri sendiri daripada coba untuk menjadi orang lain

i know ur guys are awesome..

tapi lupakan saja hasrat kamu untuk menjadikan aku seperti kamu dan mereka

not that i said i don't like it but it just not me...

mungkin jika aku dan kamu memang ingin disatukan

that will be happened somedays...


Friday, 11 May 2012

awesome feeling

relief day ;) tgif ..missing my home and my mum...mother's day i'am coming ;)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

detik detik mencemaskan

final exam is just around de corner and i'am still mumbling around doing my assgment..and my plan to budgeting my money also failed..why ouh why..

tekanan begini plus i'm sick..

.................................................hidup hidup...................................

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wishlist until month of september

why my wislish is until september only? this is because i want to spend my time with my two roomie gonna be ex rommie because end of this semester i will moving out and on the month of august/sept their will be finish their study and i will gonna miss both of them surely...

kumpul duit untuk ini
- a new smartphone (not decide the brand yet) rm 1200
- a new ukelele for the beginner saprano i guess rm 250

total RM1450

only two but the price is beyond my limit..

so pray for me untuk dapat Jumlah ini pada september ;)

Saturday, 5 May 2012


rindu itu sememangnya menyedihkan dan menyakitkan
tapi hati ini harus menerimanya
jikalau itu jodoh kita
pasti akan datang kembali

Monday, 30 April 2012

i'll be leaving soon
miss me or not depend's on you
but surely i'll miss u guys ;)
i'am not run from the reality
but i'am just going somewhere where i belong......

life is just a life..
enough is enough .....

Friday, 20 April 2012

sharing is me ;)

cinta itu datang dan pergi.
ada juga yang datang dan bersama selamanya
dan ada juga yang tak datang-datang..

hahahaha tapi itu semua takdir Tuhan.
tapi jangan cuma berharap pada dia
Usaha anda juga diperlukan.. ;)

sepuluh itu semestinya..

1. one love for the uke ;) nice song ..
2.presentation for tommorow have not prepared yet (dasar pemalas)
3.going to one borneo today with ma two crazy roomie ;)
4.stalker some blog .
5.will learn to play "terukir di bintang" by yuna. some goodies
7.lesson plan must to list being borrowed by my friend ;( diet diet diet
10. no women no cry ;)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

dari mulut ke jari

bodoh itu aku

pandai itu kamu

hodoh itu aku 

cantik itu kamu



blog upgrade!! huh sangat susah untuk difahami  ;(

he's cute ... omo omo should i approch him.. (perigi mencari timba) haha

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

wake up in BEVERLY HILLS

dengan ini saya mengumumkan

TIDUR: 4am
wake up: 6+am
class: 10am
8 hours at college and i'm sleepy ...

nescafe my addict help me to not fallen sleep in love  class

BH sangat panas ;(

Monday, 16 April 2012


excited to update my precious blog even thought i don't had any idea what to write/wrote on you.

Dear bellthering,
early in the morning open my laptop and then check my email but nothing special. i'm just hate to waiting for it.
look sometimes i may seen desperate but it will not for to long. Maybe i should change my attitude since i will plus 1 in my age this may. i may not look as my age means i act below my age. Everyone think i'am a rich or branded person because my mom is a headmaster but the truth we just live as simple as we can. sometimes my ego is higher than me. Looking at the person with an arrogant attitude, ya that's me. i'am a person who 'judge book by it cover". but hate it when other's doing it to me. My assignment is not finish yet i mean not started yet. Final exam is just around the corner and haven't started any revision yet. .story for a month.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


funny advice read first(excited kali)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

bilang saja ......

belum tiba masanya untuk memperkatakan perkara itu...

mungkin satu hari nanti kau akan tahu juga...

berahsia itu mungkin aku ...


wondering around again

manusia berfikir menggunakan otak, berkata menggunakan mulut

jikalau mulut berfikir otak berkata?


cicak-cicak di dinding
diam-diam merayap
datang seekor nyamuk
lalu di tangkap


about me

motif:  ;)

Friday, 13 April 2012

you know when it's my turn to give an advice or a talk it will goes smoothly but when it involve my own self the confident is lost somewhere over the tree in front of me..guess i'am silly ryte.. cakap orang "pandai nasihat orang tapi diri sendiri" hampeh..hahha well it doesn't matter lah, as long the matter is not harming u and me. I'am totally crazy about this one blogger..hahha still same story MIA (missing in action) pendek cerita bila dijenguk rindu suka ..bila di baca cemburu hahha..eyalah kan memang lah bha kalo dia itu sudah dimiliki.

still biarlah saya jadi secret admire dya ;) lebih baik begitu
daripada direject's a shame..hahah well glad he allready feeling better..
sometimes love came and sometimes it will gone .
like i say it will be a long journey for me to meet a good person in my life..
why? so many crush? hahah mungkin beginilah nie hidup kan.
looking forward when someone approach me hahah ..!!!


in love :)

i don't have a guts to write this post in my primary blog because my big bro and totally my friends will read it. suddenly the feeling came again. After awhile i didn't say hye to him suddenly she called my namE. really i'am not dreaming but it's not a big deal as usual he is my crush not a scandal hahah..

he got all the criteria that i like ..omo omo omo hahah..
never mind he will not fall in love with me..the truth is this feeling will not stay longer it will varnish after there's some hot guy walking in front of me ;)

GN ;)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


i love you

i love you

i love you

i miss you

i miss you

i wanna marry you

when will i found the mr nice guy to receive this words from me!! hahah
to many crush make me crazy! matciam mana kalo semua yang sy suka semua ada gulfren....

peniru/copy cat

yaiiiiii!!! i'am updating my blog again, why? it's holiday and i don't need to attend class (happy). Okey the truth is i don't had any idea to write in this blog for now but!!! hahahah(evil laugh) stalker other's people blog ouhhh demmmmm ..their writing is so awesome (i mean not that awesome but still awesome) simple but bermakna.

the second truth is i want to write my post in MALAY! but i'm taking English major and i nedd to improve my english. omaigad so jealous with u guys. Ur words is meaningful (i mean bukan yang menusuk hati but i understand what ur wrote) so clever to play with the words!

actually in this blog there's one post that i wrote in full "Bahasa Melayu" sebenarnya kamu pemberi ilham saya. me (i'm just copying ur style) okey bye ;)

p/s: i'am sleepy..gtg
i'm back my dear blogger.

doi dogo niat mau c kemas bilik tapi apa kan daya broadband telah dibayar terpaksa melepak dengan broadband seketika sambil mendegar lagu 'God's know' best!! hahahah katil pun semak segala barang dikeluarkan ..lapar!! malu mau p msk maggie hahah...apakah? malar maggie seja di makan.

malas mau update blog dulu nanti lah sia sambung arr..

Monday, 9 April 2012


Reading the news about my two collegemate who involve in the car accident last Saturday and gone forever make me felt so sad. Eventhought I don't really know both of them but for sure they are the best and nice friends. May their soul rest in peace.

Monday, 19 March 2012


i'm in love with u. I'am a loner ..someday somehow we'll meet up okey ;)

kredit to google

Monday, 12 March 2012

ugly smiling

duck mouth what the @$^#&^*#


blog ini diupdate sekali sekala mungkin sekali kerana empunya blog ini malas atau tidak mempunyai idea untuk menulis. Minda manusia ini tergerak untuk menulis di dalam blog ini dengan cara yang berbeza dengan sebelum ini. Mungkin cara ini lebih baik untuk meluahkan apa yang tersirat di hati. empunya blog ini bukan lah seorang yang suka dengan kata-kata yang romantis, tetapi bukan juga seorang yang kasar. Blog diupdate seawal mungkin kerana manusia ini akan kembali untuk berjuang dalam mengejar cita-citanya. walaupun manusia ini semakin hari terasa hendak berputus asa tetapi ada saja yang mendorongnya untuk meneruskan apa yang di lakukan selama ini . Manusia ini bukan lah seorang yang baik dan juga bukan lah seorang yang jahat, kadang-kadang apabila manusia ini marah masa yang diambil hanya sedikit saja untuk memaafkan manusia itu. alangkah baiknya jika semua manusia sebegitu rupa. Hurrmmm....mungkin setakat ini saja penulisan empunya blog, jika mempunyai masa dan idea blog ini akan diupdate ;)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

simple update

Finally enter my first major class today (LISTENING AND SPEAKING SKILLS) by MRLIM.. it was fun interesting and sometimes Boring and the most things that disturbing my concentration at Class today is when our SIR changed the day of our class and damm it is on SATURDAY ;( huhuhuhu

so frustration

Hey boys notice me i'am attract with u
the way u wrote ur simple blog and auchh..
awesome...but ur in relationship so Nevermind
 ....... ;( 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

wondering and wondering

i've got crush on capital H.I.M ....please notice this ;)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

showing down ;)

                muka saya bulat Hahaha ;)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

thank's Lord

okey sangat gembira dan sedih!! auchh matciam mana tuee arr..

finally our result oredy unofficialy came out & guess what i'am pass wit the triple C and Both B..

senang hati sikit..tapi pointer jatuh..

perghhh dimarahi lah ini..

kenapakah sebegiturupa..awuwuwuuw(serigala jadian)

btw Thank's and i appreciate it Lord and to all the people surrounding me who gave their support to me..


Sunday, 5 February 2012

last week of H.O.L.I.D.A.Y

ouh hello people!!! HOW ARE YOU..btw ada blog nama blog dia IRON LADY..awww..Ganas Blog nya tuee...but cute hahah..siap guna Gua2x Lue2x BUT nice..

straight to the point..awuwuwuwu(serigala berbunyi) cuti mau habis sudah..dengan segala hormatnya saya tidak suka..SEKIAN DAN TERIMA KASIH..