Wednesday, 24 August 2011


it's been a long day since my last post in this blackblog!! so how's ur doing? anything story that u can share with me? eh raya and independent day is near guys..terlebih excited pla Padahal tak smbt pun Raya =]..
so what is u wish for Merdeka day? for me i hope for the next pilihan raya.. "LET THE BEST MAN WIN"

short update from me to you!!

Friday, 5 August 2011


hye du whassup? adakah korang semua sihat atau just me yang sihat.. okey du nak dipanjangkan entry ini saya dengan bangganya mengumumkan RAYA TAK JADI opsss jangan salah sangka sebenarnya ini tajuk filem baru lakonan apek dengan johan rajalawak..tak taw?? google yerr cik adik cik abang..sumber beautifulnara.

next ally iskandar putus tunang yerrr ini confem sudah..sumber beautifulnara..

other's i'am singgle sepunuh masa..boleh kah hitu?

Saturday, 14 May 2011


for you what the define PERFECT in your own self?

for me PERFECT is sempurna..hahah

semua ada teda yang kureng tapi kan setiap orang ada kekurangan kenapa ada PERFECT ??

hurmmm...sila lah fikirkan sendiri and ignore me if this post is kinda stupid =)

roger and out

i love you =)

presenting my bff

i love u xaxa

Friday, 6 May 2011


didn't win my first ever contest what a shame =(

roger and out

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


IT'S holiday..yeah sound great and fun kan..btw as usuall i'am 24hours looking  at this laptop and playing games on facebook improve my game and chase the people level at the top and figureing(damm can't spell it ryte) what the ryte time i want to meet my bff ..

that's life when they far away from you that's time lah miss lah wanna meet lah and etc but when they near and easily to meet not excited pula nak meet..ish ish ish that's me i'am talking just now..hahah. i'am feeling my weight will gain..

hey guess what i've been watching the maharajalawak episode 3 and yeah watching usop jozan and alex performance again and again and again..they great isn't ..heheh

hey ya about my exam i allready do my best ermmmm not my very best lah but only one i hope that it's my pointer will maintain or get higher..huhuhu..kinda worried about it.

what else..yeah fyi my brain is so sot3x.. now i only remembering my email and pasword facebook and my blog other email i'am forgetting it totally careless of me..damm**** ..i'am missing my life eventhough this is my first day of holiday and sadly i can't join my fren for their trip at july because my holiday is ended..

roger and out

Sunday, 17 April 2011

contest sayang sahabat

hey there this is my first ever following a contest since bergelar seorang blogger..
hope boleh menang thank's
btw miss najwa before i know this contest i allready create a story about my bff so this is a short long entry and for our friendship story you can view my post bff part one(if u interested to read)..

-first of all, mesti ade blog tawu-
- mestilah kene follow blog cik najwa-
-buat satu entri tentang contest ni dgn tajuk di atas-
dalam entri tu nyatakan :
*1 perkara pelik yg anda dgn sahabat anda tu suke buat*
*2 persamaan anda dengan sahabat anda*
*1 ucapan untuk sahabat anda tu*


-letak banner atas tu- done
-letak link cek najwa- done
-gambar anda dgn sahabat anda, xkesa la post ape-done
-tag kpd 2 orang atau lebih sahabat anda ok-done
*lagi bnyk u all tag, lagi bagus*


Presenting the bff

*1 perkara pelik yg anda dgn sahabat anda tu suke buat*
-kami begaduh tak sampai satu hari dah bebaik..pelik kan hehehe-

*2 persamaan anda dengan sahabat anda*
-both of us is tall-
-both of us  love to talk-

*1 ucapan untuk sahabat anda tu*
-i heart and miss u dear bff  till my last breath!-

*invitation goes to*

the end

akademi fantasia

well hey we met again..and again and again..i wonder if there's a reader out there that read my blog..because i haven't promote my blog yet except my second fb..i put my link blog there because i knew no one will take attention to that..heheh..also i'am not yet tell my bff about my blog because before this my post below is for her ..btw i miss u my sweet xaxa..

more commercial break before i straight to my point..just now i went to church with my family and guess what it's a sunset and usually only a few people going but just now it's a half of the church because it's palm day and guess what most of the people there is my teacher and my ex- schoolmate. the choir is so powerfull and in my mind that time i want to join the choir felt like you give out all u feel inside urself..and thumbs up for u all guyss...

okey back to my title..i think if u live in Malaysia u will know this one reality television that i think is famous among us and got many fans include me...but for the final season for this AF i think this is the worst concert, because... the long season the reality show been shown it will had more improve from season 1, just look at AMERICAN IDOL new season all the contestent is so good and can beat the artist out there but it's diffrent from this new season for AF because the student from my eye judge they don't had the strenght and the powerfull voice to make the final season for AF had a beautiful memories to the viewers and's suck u know..still i hope for the next concert there will be more improvise to all 10 student left especially for nera...

okey that all from me today..i'am not the God to judge people but i think people still have to judge or give comment to make people more succesful and transform themselves to the newest person ever...sorry if my post could hurt someone..forgive me..

roger and out..

Friday, 15 April 2011

bff part one

hye there before i begin with my story i just want to let u know that this post is allready i create it at my first ever blog but i'll change a little bit.

hey friend i know u since i'am form one and we have not become a bff that day =)..
seriously i think u are arrogant and head hard (bm-bi) at that day i don't think we will be a best friend just like now..

hyee u remember when we form 3 after pmr we attend  the science camp and from there we become closer at that day because u and me at the same group..hehe ..and do you remember the pic that we take at bus and u give me ..i still keep it just fyi..

za penat saya maw tulis english..tulis melayu lah arr..hey koee masih ingat kah time kita form four and form five bnyk kan kenangan pahit and manis kita lalui(jew) kalah lagi yang couple-couple kita punya friendship.

hey did u realize kita nie belainan perangai koe ada keras kepala berani saya pun berani tapi takut2x diffrent bhaa..nda sma but kalo becerita kita ngam pula kan...time form four and five yang dua orng nie sibuk maw kwn sma koe padahal musuh bha durang tuee...lucu lagi tue time durang begaduh hahahha..what a childish act.. so terpaksa say yang mencari kawan and then start dari itu sy rapat sma si veron and ita and lala..and our friendship semakin kureng pla time sorang nie pindah blk p skulah...aishhh...heheh

hey za tidak pernah kan sy cakap about me when it about relationship..asyik2x koe jak cakap koe jak crita tapi best lah..hey xa ada time tu koe begaduh sma si abed kah sma si carl(bukan carl vion carl koe) time tue koe c cerita sy and then si cicie pun ada bg lah koe nasihat tapi both of u ckp saya nda paham(mentang2x lah teda experience couple) heheh(wif annoying slang) hahah mesti koe lupa kan tapi sy ingat..but it's okey..

hey za sangat panjang cerita ini macam banyak lagi sy maw tulis but penat nanti lah saya sambung part two..

to be continued........

roger and out..

as an immature photographer...

hyeee guyss this pic is taken by me at evening just just enjoy ur self

 except for this pic i've snap it last week ..this present for my sweet bff but i couldn't had a change to meet her..the purple one is for xaxa and the blue one is mine..

Thursday, 14 April 2011

it's all about me

hyee we meet the way for this blog i haven't promote it yet because it's kinda fun to write something that u know no one will read but u pretend that someone is reading..heheh ..still i'am not ordinary person but in my own dictionary i'am ordinary,crazy,fun and etc. well if u meet me u will know. final exam for this semester is on 24 april until 30 april and it's kinda scared me because i haven't start to make this time my own self prefer more time to sleep maybe this is because the other week i'am not get enough sleep..

hyeee forget to introduce my self .. u can call me moon and will be 20 this may..i'am a student of college but still called universiti ..i'am friendly but don't talk much with someoe that i haven't know yet or just known..i'am prefer to write in malay but when i write in malay i will beslang2x meaning i'am from sabahan but sometimes when i write in malay it will become i prefer write in english for my post in this what u read that's me and i'am not pretend to be someone else..

finish with the 'sesi berkenalan' and i'am in the mood of study ryte now so i will leave u guys to read my rocking post fun otherwise ******

roger and out

Sunday, 10 April 2011

brain brain attacking

well hyee guys fyi this is my fourth blog =) hahha i'am insane and crazy. this weird things  happening because  my beautifool brain been attack by the stressting for the opening i just want to let u guys know that i'am forgetting my second blog password and that's make me become more crazy..hahahha i want to be zombie and said this word 'BRAIN' 'BRAIN' 'BRAIN'. it kinda scary me if it happened in real life but when playing the plants versus zombie it's kinda entertaining..

i'am sitting at my systa bed at 2:14am 10 april 2010 writing this boring blog and playing pets at tagged (it's suck because they buy my pet and didn't return it back...hahaha i want revenge..hahaha wait u guys i will buy it back hahha..and u know when i'am in crazy i just think that i want to make a new tagged hahha..stupid girl

look and read properly my blog title it kinda unique ryte..bellthering bell the ring it ..well i'am good in pick a new name for my blog guys i will update it later or no ..hahah i want to refresh my memory to remember my password and gmail for my second blog..gtg now

roger and out