Wednesday, 29 August 2012

SYD3 part2

it's good to be at home :) i wish my schedule for next semester will let me going back to my hometown like previous semester. As usuall  after SYD3 my day become more grateful..because of SYD3 I always woke up early around 4/5/6 and then tadaaa continue my download..i try to pray every night with my niece but failed to do so when it's come to morning. when i'm still at primary and secondary school i always go to church every sunday with my family but then college life totally make me lazy to go to church plus most of my friends is Muslim and when i'll stay there weekend nobody really accompany me to go to church so each day it's like nevermind i'll go next week and it will continue and continue......

but when i join this SYD3 i learn and my information about my own religion 'bertambah' it's like all my long lost thinking is coming back to me..Thank's God for all the blessed.. i even experience one tragedy one day before last day of SYD3 where i cried and pray to God that everything will settle and try to open their heart..after a long minute the tragedy is over.. Truly that's was my first time experienced it.

the feeling BEFORE i join SYD3

first intention : to search some Boyfriend (some hahha) banyak kali tue arr
2nd: cari banyak kawan
3nd: mengenal Yesus dengan lebih dalam

time SYD3
- first and second nda jadi sebab yang ketiga lebih kuat
-niat first and second pun tiada..
-sikit sha kwn baru maybe kurang aktiviti mengeratkat kan silaturahim kali kan..

after SYD3


Amen ^_______________________________________^ panjangkan senyuman saya :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

SYD3 part1

she who made me joining this camp Last minute..thank's to you .. i really appreciate it :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

great painting/drawing

last friday me and my two ex housemate going to SURIA (one of the shopping mall at KK) so after wandering around, buying stuff,chitchating so we go out from the shopping mall and then taking picture at this place painting wall or tempat orang lukis2x.. hehe it's only infront of the SURIA. Let's the picture take place..

see told ya it's awesome  hurmm  i wish i can draw like this..but give change to others..nanti kalo saya superb melukis mesti diorang tak dapat nak kalahkan hahahah (perasaan lebih)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

War start tomorrow

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! (i was screaming ) my exam will start tomorrow and i haven't finish doing my revision and because of this one korean drama i didn't study..urgghhh silly me.. what to do..okey continue study ..sayonara :) wish me luck :)