Tuesday, 8 October 2013


im writing AGAIN!! impresive right.. 

day 9 completed.. okey its so hard to do 1 minutes plank... urghh..why so hard.
never mind i'll keep doing it until the day 30 and i want to see how the result is..
hope there's a changes .. God bless Amen.. :))

Monday, 7 October 2013

Random writing ...

lately so much thought wondering in my mind...

to many and i don't know how to describe it. Okey practical done and new semester had started..

thesis for Seminar and i havent done it yet. I hate my BFF(still thinking of it and i cant accept the things that she had done)..

3 years wishlish is not fullfill yet.. what? a new cellphone.. blerr..urghhh..

doing a 'dadih' or pudding bussiness..hope it will last longer..

and then a sin that i made..perggghh ah!!


to be continued...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I need a strenght..

hello there.. i'am sorry with myself because i promise that i wil write from the first day of my practical until the end but i did not write. huh!!

okey it is week 10 means 4 weeks to go.. aww can wait to end it. okey2x i want to cry when thinking about my practical. my mentor have not observe me but my friends allready twice. oh God i'am so scared. but seems the problem is from me, maybe i don't want to be obseve by my mentor because i am afraid that my performance is not good. God please help me. i'am in trouble, i need a strenght i need a confident...

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Result SAGA games

from the page of kementerian belia and sukan

congrats to TAMBUNAN.. i really want to join SAGA games but i'm not qualified..poor me.. :(( ndapa bha...

excited :)

hello there .. it's been a while since my lost post. sleepy but don't wan to sleep. why? here take a look what i've been doing hahah
tadaaa!! now you know what ive been doing at this hour.. yeah i'am trying to complete my Korean drama collection because i will busy start next week.. i really can't believe that next week gonna be my first day practical as a teacher..OMG totally can't believe it...

 i've spent about rm100+ for my shoes and rm100+ for my baju kurung.. $$ is running low.
need to exercise more because i just added 2kg in my stomach hahaha..

need to write more but i can't think what should i write in i will stop here.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

24052013 my birthday

You guys are awesome.. a really great hoomie and friends for me :)
not really expected for this kind of celebration. yg sia takut kena umban guna telur and tepung..gladly ur so nice to me on my birthday :)) heheh.. thank's for the present nanti i upload kat sini..

nanti jumpa arr pas abis my practical.. 3 bulan seja tuee.. kali sy p kk juga time practical :)
really appreciate this..i love you :)

a lil bit sad..
thank's to


Monday, 11 March 2013

Shout out goes to...

Jane to the Bee :))

Happy birthday dear jane ..

12/03/2013 (early post okey :)) )

i'am very sorry for all the mistakes that i had done to you..

we are friends since we are form 4..

eventhough we are not so close during that time but now we are Hommie.. unbeliaveable kan :)

be happy, be a strong girl and i wish you many-many Luck for ur praktical this coming June ..


Kjz :))

random post

so many things to write and share :) really ..okey now i'am at my room waiting the clock to strike at 12midnight to suprise my beloved hommie a.k.a my friends since form 4 :))) her birthday tomorrow

suddenly missed my highschool moment when all my friends "tuang air from the mineral water when i'am sitting enjoying the outside view in the bus" and terpaksa asked my father friend to send me sampai depan rumah sebab basah sudah satu badan.. :)) haisss i wonder if they're still remember .. but i am very thankful because there are wonderful :)

the not so friends or just friends, they are the one who always there when i need help.. always happened to me .. I miss spending time with my BFF zaza :(

every space are diffrent stories :)

well hey remember that i always wrote that i can't wait for practical, and guess what after the school holiday i'll start my practical on the month of June.. there's no confirm date yet.. but still i'am happy and nervous..

huhuhu btw wish me Luck :))

Monday, 25 February 2013


semua orang berbohong

begitu juga saya.. i'am not a very good person..

i lied ..

because i am ashamed


it just my ego that made me lied

sorry :(((

Friday, 8 February 2013

my wishlist became my happiness

Post it at my facebook... awww really i'am so happy about my result and i don't expect that i could get it..
thank's to my friends that help with my assignment and study group with me eventhough "dipaksa haha"..
i'am very thankful with God,family and my friends ..

My final year i'll do the best even better ..Amen :))

lots of love from me


Saturday, 26 January 2013

LOve :))

Never talking about my love life because? never been in love ? not interested in love? what? are u silly i'am the most person who interested in love ..hahah well hey afraid to be love and afraid of loving someone is diffrent or is it the same? did i just mess up my post..hahah silly me.

For me married at the young age is AWESOME i mean not to young maybe starting form the age 20 i guess, but kahwin (did i spell it correctly?)yang direstui oleh Tuhan and Keluarga lah...not sudah terlanjur baru tegadah opss wrong peribahasa SUDAH TERHANTUK BARU TENGADAH..baru lah betul.

Tapi ada kebaikan and keburukan kan..try to list it but i'am failed..opsy dopsie :))

p/s: semoga bertemu Pasangan Hidup 
     yang sangat AWESOME :))


Thursday, 17 January 2013

sharing :)) part1

Di mana kau belajar sekarang?

this type of question always been asked to me from my uncle/aunty/cousin/niece&nephew/friends/notsofriends/unknown

and you know the feelings inside me

because i'am not IPTA/MAKTAB/MATRIK student
i'am just IPTS students that know her future is not 
sobright/notbright at all..

when i'am think about it and i'am

i'll always told myself that
Usaha Tangga Kejayaan
Doa Penting


not only IPTS students yang menganggur lepas habis belajar budak IPTA pun berlambak teda kerja ..

p/s Sudennly this topic in in my mind and forgive me if i'am wrong :))
     mau kasi panjang ni cerita tapi Bikin sakit hati so Until Then Byee.


Dad & uncle

Good morning it is a wonderful day to start my post after cleaning the house and watched some Cartoon :))

As usual my Uncle (my dad big bro) will go to our house to chitchatting with my dad (diorang bergossip) we are neighbour.. 2 minutes sampai sudah di rumah sebelah :))

the main point is both of them are cute.hehe why?? because it is funny watching them sitting together without talking for a long minutes and just play with the dog and i guess thinking about future heheh.. i always stalk whenever i saw both of them.. i hope me and my sisters,brother will always stay together and will not losing contact with each other .. :))

until then bye

xoxo  :))

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Youth concert :)

#repost from my old blog :))

hellooo DECEMBER hehehe... Christmas coming soon, Exam juga coming soon ^___^

it's been a while since my last post KAN! .

so i'll update my story one by one :)

Event : Youth Concert
Date: 24nov2012

first time follow event at my College with the BFF and ma hommie...  #friend meet again :) awesome concert boleh head banging niieee :) . Vion stidur at our house that night because she can't enter her hostel at that night. The next day 5 of us going to church together at CMI ...

The Concert

Flower Boy Next Door

New K-drama Fav flower boy next door :)) daebakk..

chinchaa :))

am i replace the girl image..haha (x sengaja tapi tengam2x di header twitter)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

To be continue ...

Somehow somewhere I just love being at home :)). For me I rather stay at home then hang out with no reason maybe because iam the younger in my family sangat manja and gila.. you will notice it if you know me .

Aestherlyienda Giveaway :))

I decided to join my first ever giveaway from this Pretty and awesome blogger aestherlyienda.  i'am a medium fan of her blog ,drawing and her style and more excited since she is my kawan punya kawan :)).. so you guys should join it too :))

saya mengTAG mereka Enteng,Armico,mischievous,Adale,Pypie

Monday, 14 January 2013

i say who?

reading back my earlier post and found this.
i'am totally forget who is this person..aww..really who??

I'am blogging back :))

my fourth days holiday for today and Happy new year to everyone (sorry for the late wish)

what i am doing right now? completing my K-Drama and searching for some new K-drama and other genre Movies.

My biggest Resolution for this Year

1. lose some weight 
2. 2014(overseas Holiday) phone and smart digital Camera (one for each)

that's all from me now :))

until then xoxo from me ...