Monday, 7 December 2015

fired me

one of the reason why i didn't update my blog is because my A touchkeyboard is gone (tebuka tekupas).

i'm so stressed right now because my boss told me that she will fired me if i don't show any improvement and change my attitude. Seriously Boss i'm totally give my 100% working but you still can said like that. i'm totally dissapointed and i want to curse you badly but sabar saja lah. okay 1 month u gave me ( kasi berenti lah bha. like i care (actually i care) huhuhu. i don't have and problem working there but the problem is my Boss . she's terlalu cepat judge orang. haiyaaa..

jangan lah bah fired me. Please. stressed ouh sy pasal ini.


Sunday, 25 October 2015


everytime i start to chat with you, you ruined it. -----______-----

did u know that i miss u when u gone.

but its useless crush will stay as a crush forever

my working life be like....

Im thinking of berhenti kerja . Why? because im so tired working, memang lah kan kerja apa yang tidak penat kan, but if kerja penat but gaji rendah? apalah tu..  pertama kali saya mula kerja satu saja i want to find and it is experience but lama-lama im kinda concern about my salary our salary because kami punya kerja sangat memenatkan. dan pengurusan dia pun pandai sot kadang-kadang. im very very emotional about this. huh. 

and now my friends allready lebih kurang resign lah kan tu cuti tanpa gaji personal problem. jadi bolehkah sy kerja tanpa dia? i don't know. we'll see tomorrow. hurmmm.. i want to find other job but i don't know maybe i m to lazy or what.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

short update


yeah one month and 8 days bergelar seorang cikgu taska.

hebat. And i allready received my first GAJI. 

okay itu seja

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Short update

Hiiiiii (excited )

How are u guys? Did u really reading my blog?

But why? Hahah okay im just asking.

Huh! Sorry for this lame update because im very busy.

Busy working (finally) can't wait to receive my first "gaji" aiseyman

Gtg everybody . 

Take care and God bless :)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Well hello there.

Saya masih disini memikirkan masa depan

Yang mugkin ada mungkin tiada

Tapi usaha itu penting kan?

Doa kan saya okay 😄

P/s: Kenapa bm+sabahan sia punya post hari ni
Sebab sy check yg p tingu blog sy dari overseas dan itu sangat bikin takut. Till then sayonara

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I'm losing my direction

I don't know what should i do

I'm very worry right now

But i don't have anyone to talk

Even my bestfriend don't understand me

Family? Of course i don't want them to worry about me.

I guess im stuck with my blog again.

Cheers for the 101 posts

P/s : i don't know i have a reader. Thanks
And sorry because my blog look ugly just like me.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Thursday, 6 August 2015

My first interview

Hi. Its not my first interview but its my first doing it alone without any friends. I hope everthings will be just nice and i don't know what to expect the result. I just try my best and i will accept whatever the result are. Hoping for the best. GOOD LUCK karen.


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Can i just sleep now and bgn at midnight. Hahah

There's someone that i really want to chat like right now but he seems so busy so a lil bit dissapointed here but its okay. Im okay. 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Im okay now. Thanks may u made my day. I love you

Pencarian Bloglist & Review Blog Ogos - Disember 2015

Hye im joining this .

Sorry for the short entry because im updating my blog thru my phone.

Click the link if u wanna join this bloglist review.

pencarian bloglist review blog ogos-disember 2015

"Saya Nak Masuk Bloglist Lyssa Faizureen Bulan Ogos 2015"

Good morning everyone. 
 So today i decided to join this.

"Blog saya mengenai tentang kehidupan diri sendiri hahah overall lah "

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Goshhh i cried. Im very sensitive and i'm still crying writing this. 

A lil mad but its okay. Nevermind. Not blaming anyone. 

I really really hope someone will help me.

Please please i really want to go and try my luck.

Can i just cry...

God help me :(

Saturday, 1 August 2015


I'am being so emotional today and i don't know why.

Gosh i never felt this way. Overthinking i guess

I need to relax . Yup

I'm very good doing something without thinking and regreting it later.

I can just write all this things at fb and twitter but i don't need attention or sympathy from others.

I've always deactivated my fb whenever i feel bored and dissapointed about something and i want to deactivate it now, but i don't want to hear the word WHY .

If u asking me if i am okay? My answer will always the same i'am fine, good, great eventhough its not. I can deal it without anyone help.


Raining :)

sometimes i just want to give up

can i just die? no i don't want to die. its just the feeling .

sometimes i wonder if i were born into different world, what will my life be like?

it's just the thinking . 

life can be cruel sometimes but i never felt that way.

It's not cruel it's you own self who decide and choose .

SEMANGAT TAPI TIADA USAHA. yeah that's me and it's so me.

But i never changed it , see how STUPID i am.

maybe i don't have so much courage to live outside my comfort zone.

so many sighhhh in my life tapi saya tidak berbuat apa-apa.

i never blame anyone , because its my own fault. 

cheers to that Karen. 

saya berharap semua ini akan berubah dan i will have my dream life

i love everyone :)


1st of August

Its August

semoga bulan ni semua Okay

and im really hope i can get the job. Please2x

please pray for me :)

missing someone two everyones

made my morning(day) thanks bestie i love you

Friday, 31 July 2015

Short and simple update

1.Im tired and sleepy right now.

2.I'm not so into fb and twitter now . so i guess i stuck with u mr blogger

3.I trust my heart to talk about something with my bestfriend and im very appreciate the advice she gave to me.

4.August august and im still here. 

5. Follow and unfollow him at twitter. Did he notice me? Hahah . He will leaving soon and i hope one day i can meet him. Admiring him thats all.

i wish i can draw

i wish i can doodle

cute things make me excited :)

unexpected News

I got an interview this coming Monday and im superb excited nervous+panic .

Please please i hope i can go to this interview and get this job.



Im totally gonna save all my emails and my passwords.  it took me 3 hours to figure what my email name and tadaa headache. 

Sangat sibuk dengan hidup sendiri thats why lama tidak mengupdate.

Hidup saya serabut macam ranting-ranting kayu yang dikumpul or macam benang2x yg berlilit sesama mereka. Thats my life.

Someone please save me 😢😢 
Ijk . Don't worry i can save my own life
fighting kjz 😆