Wednesday, 18 July 2012

life certainly

Hye everyone how's life . Sorry for not updating this blog. Felling guilty to the follower. Hurmmm too much things that i want to tell you guys. Okey the first things is iallredy move in to my new house i mean my rent house. Living with 5 others people seems very hard for me eventhought i knew them. Very akward. I always living in my own life didn't communicete with them and always spending my time in my room. Btw i got my own room no one share with me that's why i always in my room. Another breaking heart story is one of my housemate is celebrating her bufday that last midnight and others gave her suprise with no me. Omy very akward and disspointing. Eating cake also they didn't called me. What on the earth the mistake that i done to them . But it's okey it is mybad.

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