Saturday, 1 August 2015

Raining :)

sometimes i just want to give up

can i just die? no i don't want to die. its just the feeling .

sometimes i wonder if i were born into different world, what will my life be like?

it's just the thinking . 

life can be cruel sometimes but i never felt that way.

It's not cruel it's you own self who decide and choose .

SEMANGAT TAPI TIADA USAHA. yeah that's me and it's so me.

But i never changed it , see how STUPID i am.

maybe i don't have so much courage to live outside my comfort zone.

so many sighhhh in my life tapi saya tidak berbuat apa-apa.

i never blame anyone , because its my own fault. 

cheers to that Karen. 

saya berharap semua ini akan berubah dan i will have my dream life

i love everyone :)


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