Saturday, 26 January 2013

LOve :))

Never talking about my love life because? never been in love ? not interested in love? what? are u silly i'am the most person who interested in love ..hahah well hey afraid to be love and afraid of loving someone is diffrent or is it the same? did i just mess up my post..hahah silly me.

For me married at the young age is AWESOME i mean not to young maybe starting form the age 20 i guess, but kahwin (did i spell it correctly?)yang direstui oleh Tuhan and Keluarga lah...not sudah terlanjur baru tegadah opss wrong peribahasa SUDAH TERHANTUK BARU TENGADAH..baru lah betul.

Tapi ada kebaikan and keburukan kan..try to list it but i'am failed..opsy dopsie :))

p/s: semoga bertemu Pasangan Hidup 
     yang sangat AWESOME :))


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