Thursday, 17 January 2013

sharing :)) part1

Di mana kau belajar sekarang?

this type of question always been asked to me from my uncle/aunty/cousin/niece&nephew/friends/notsofriends/unknown

and you know the feelings inside me

because i'am not IPTA/MAKTAB/MATRIK student
i'am just IPTS students that know her future is not 
sobright/notbright at all..

when i'am think about it and i'am

i'll always told myself that
Usaha Tangga Kejayaan
Doa Penting


not only IPTS students yang menganggur lepas habis belajar budak IPTA pun berlambak teda kerja ..

p/s Sudennly this topic in in my mind and forgive me if i'am wrong :))
     mau kasi panjang ni cerita tapi Bikin sakit hati so Until Then Byee.


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