Sunday, 17 April 2011

akademi fantasia

well hey we met again..and again and again..i wonder if there's a reader out there that read my blog..because i haven't promote my blog yet except my second fb..i put my link blog there because i knew no one will take attention to that..heheh..also i'am not yet tell my bff about my blog because before this my post below is for her ..btw i miss u my sweet xaxa..

more commercial break before i straight to my point..just now i went to church with my family and guess what it's a sunset and usually only a few people going but just now it's a half of the church because it's palm day and guess what most of the people there is my teacher and my ex- schoolmate. the choir is so powerfull and in my mind that time i want to join the choir felt like you give out all u feel inside urself..and thumbs up for u all guyss...

okey back to my title..i think if u live in Malaysia u will know this one reality television that i think is famous among us and got many fans include me...but for the final season for this AF i think this is the worst concert, because... the long season the reality show been shown it will had more improve from season 1, just look at AMERICAN IDOL new season all the contestent is so good and can beat the artist out there but it's diffrent from this new season for AF because the student from my eye judge they don't had the strenght and the powerfull voice to make the final season for AF had a beautiful memories to the viewers and's suck u know..still i hope for the next concert there will be more improvise to all 10 student left especially for nera...

okey that all from me today..i'am not the God to judge people but i think people still have to judge or give comment to make people more succesful and transform themselves to the newest person ever...sorry if my post could hurt someone..forgive me..

roger and out..

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