Sunday, 10 April 2011

brain brain attacking

well hyee guys fyi this is my fourth blog =) hahha i'am insane and crazy. this weird things  happening because  my beautifool brain been attack by the stressting for the opening i just want to let u guys know that i'am forgetting my second blog password and that's make me become more crazy..hahahha i want to be zombie and said this word 'BRAIN' 'BRAIN' 'BRAIN'. it kinda scary me if it happened in real life but when playing the plants versus zombie it's kinda entertaining..

i'am sitting at my systa bed at 2:14am 10 april 2010 writing this boring blog and playing pets at tagged (it's suck because they buy my pet and didn't return it back...hahaha i want revenge..hahaha wait u guys i will buy it back hahha..and u know when i'am in crazy i just think that i want to make a new tagged hahha..stupid girl

look and read properly my blog title it kinda unique ryte..bellthering bell the ring it ..well i'am good in pick a new name for my blog guys i will update it later or no ..hahah i want to refresh my memory to remember my password and gmail for my second blog..gtg now

roger and out

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