Thursday, 14 April 2011

it's all about me

hyee we meet the way for this blog i haven't promote it yet because it's kinda fun to write something that u know no one will read but u pretend that someone is reading..heheh ..still i'am not ordinary person but in my own dictionary i'am ordinary,crazy,fun and etc. well if u meet me u will know. final exam for this semester is on 24 april until 30 april and it's kinda scared me because i haven't start to make this time my own self prefer more time to sleep maybe this is because the other week i'am not get enough sleep..

hyeee forget to introduce my self .. u can call me moon and will be 20 this may..i'am a student of college but still called universiti ..i'am friendly but don't talk much with someoe that i haven't know yet or just known..i'am prefer to write in malay but when i write in malay i will beslang2x meaning i'am from sabahan but sometimes when i write in malay it will become i prefer write in english for my post in this what u read that's me and i'am not pretend to be someone else..

finish with the 'sesi berkenalan' and i'am in the mood of study ryte now so i will leave u guys to read my rocking post fun otherwise ******

roger and out

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