Monday, 16 April 2012


excited to update my precious blog even thought i don't had any idea what to write/wrote on you.

Dear bellthering,
early in the morning open my laptop and then check my email but nothing special. i'm just hate to waiting for it.
look sometimes i may seen desperate but it will not for to long. Maybe i should change my attitude since i will plus 1 in my age this may. i may not look as my age means i act below my age. Everyone think i'am a rich or branded person because my mom is a headmaster but the truth we just live as simple as we can. sometimes my ego is higher than me. Looking at the person with an arrogant attitude, ya that's me. i'am a person who 'judge book by it cover". but hate it when other's doing it to me. My assignment is not finish yet i mean not started yet. Final exam is just around the corner and haven't started any revision yet. .story for a month.

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