Wednesday, 11 April 2012

peniru/copy cat

yaiiiiii!!! i'am updating my blog again, why? it's holiday and i don't need to attend class (happy). Okey the truth is i don't had any idea to write in this blog for now but!!! hahahah(evil laugh) stalker other's people blog ouhhh demmmmm ..their writing is so awesome (i mean not that awesome but still awesome) simple but bermakna.

the second truth is i want to write my post in MALAY! but i'm taking English major and i nedd to improve my english. omaigad so jealous with u guys. Ur words is meaningful (i mean bukan yang menusuk hati but i understand what ur wrote) so clever to play with the words!

actually in this blog there's one post that i wrote in full "Bahasa Melayu" sebenarnya kamu pemberi ilham saya. me (i'm just copying ur style) okey bye ;)

p/s: i'am sleepy..gtg

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