Friday, 13 April 2012

you know when it's my turn to give an advice or a talk it will goes smoothly but when it involve my own self the confident is lost somewhere over the tree in front of me..guess i'am silly ryte.. cakap orang "pandai nasihat orang tapi diri sendiri" hampeh..hahha well it doesn't matter lah, as long the matter is not harming u and me. I'am totally crazy about this one blogger..hahha still same story MIA (missing in action) pendek cerita bila dijenguk rindu suka ..bila di baca cemburu hahha..eyalah kan memang lah bha kalo dia itu sudah dimiliki.

still biarlah saya jadi secret admire dya ;) lebih baik begitu
daripada direject's a shame..hahah well glad he allready feeling better..
sometimes love came and sometimes it will gone .
like i say it will be a long journey for me to meet a good person in my life..
why? so many crush? hahah mungkin beginilah nie hidup kan.
looking forward when someone approach me hahah ..!!!


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